Home Dental Care

Recommendations for Home Dental Care:

When to start? As soon as possible!

8-12 weeks old is the best. Brushing once or twice weekly, they will be familiar with the routine when the permanent teeth erupt.

The first step is to work with your pet’s mouth. With a little patience, your pet will soon accept your attention. MAKE IT FUN for both of you. Use a lot of love and praise to gain their confidence. Start by handling the mouth, and soon you will be able to rub the teeth and gums with your finger. Put a few drops of water flavored with garlic or garlic powder, or CET flavored toothpaste in the mouth daily. They will soon look forward to this “treat”. Next, use a washcloth or a gauze sponge to scrub the teeth. Finally, introduce one of the many toothbrushes designed for pets, or a soft (child’s) brush to brush the teeth. Focus on brushing the sides of the teeth under the lips. Brush with CET toothpaste – make it a game! The pastes help, but remember, the brushing does most of the cleaning.

Brushing daily is recommended – Mechanical cleansing is assisted by abrasive foods and toys such as dry kibble and chew toys (gumabone type).

Do not feed any real bones. Hard nylon objects or cow hooves may cause teeth to fracture.

The above care will greatly improve your pet’s dental health and will reduce the need for dental prophylactics.

Thank you for letting us maintain your pet’s health!