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VSMT: Veterinary Spinal Manipulation

(Veterinary Chiropractic)

Dr. Laura Doering

Available by appointment.

Please call 530 541-4040 if you are interested in this service

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT) is a term used in many states that do not legally recognize the term Veterinary Chiropractic. VSMT can be helpful for pets suffering from lameness, trauma, disk disease and surgery.

When an adjustment is being made, we are bringing motion to a "fixed" area of a joint, which can normalize blood flow to the spine and nerves, relieve compression of spinal nerve roots and irritation of the spinal cord, can release trapped tissues within the spinal joint, and can break down adhesions in the joint itself. This often has the benefit of alleviating pain and improving nerve health, increasing muscle tone and giving strength to joints. Additionally, VSMT is believed to improve the general health of pets through the support of the nervous system, which may lead to better function of abdominal and thoracic organs.

Dr. Doering is certified in veterinary spinal manipulation and would love to see if  this would help your pet live a happier life.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy